Our Story

Rho Delta Zeta


Our mission is to improve our community and promote education.

Rho Delta Zeta Chapter of Washtenaw County, Michigan was chartered on April 25, 1998 during the Great Lakes Regional Lakes Leadership Conference at the Westin Hotel in Detroit, Michigan. S. Joy Gaines, Lauri D. Gause, Teresa K. Myers, A. Jean Reed, Chinissa Sumpter-White, and  Margrette A. Taylor* were the six charter members of Rho Delta Zeta Chapter.   

In addition to the Rho Delta Zeta chapter, five other Zeta Chapters were charted during the 1998 Regional Conference.  International President Dr. Barbara West Carpenter, performed the chartering ceremonies.

Rho Delta Zeta Chapter was inspired by Triumphant Soror Margrette Taylor who wanted a local chapter for Zetas living in the Washtenaw County, Michigan area.  Washtenaw County includes cities, villages, and townships of Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Lodi Township, Manchester, Milan, Pittsfield Township, Saline, Scio Township, Superior Township, Whitmore Lake, Willis, Whitaker, York Township, and Ypsilanti.

Rho Delta Zeta is committed to fostering and promoting the sorority’s ideals of Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Service, and Sisterly Love. The chapter incorporates all of these deals through its many community service projects. Assisting other groups and organizations, which support the educational, cultural, and health needs of women and children are of special interest to the chapter.

 Rho Delta Zeta is also the graduate sponsoring chapter for the Pi Delta Chapter at Eastern Michigan University. 

Spring 1999 - 03/26/1999

Soror Kimberly Willis

Fall 2002 - 12/14/2002

Soror Amber Taylor

Soror Shawnda Bryant

Soror Kendrah Hardin

Spring 2004 - 4/21/2004

Soror Cassina Scuefield

Soror Teneisha (Smith) Podzcervinski

Spring 2005 - 05/06/2005

Soror Jessica (Merritt) Spradley

Soror M. Jeanice Townsend

Soror Melanise Vaughn

Spring 2007 – 02/17/2007

Soror Naomi Cenat 

Soror Latasha Hailey

Soror Marie Ali-Boone

Spring 2011 – 05/21/2011

Soror Famika Edmonds

Soror Tylia (Henry) Green

Soror Ashley Orel

Soror Charity Wallace

Spring 2014 – 05/30/2014

Soror Mesha Terrell 

Soror Mirada Jenkins

Spring 2016 - 2/12/2016

Soror Brittany Foote 

Soror Tamiah Edwards 

Soror Briaa Robinson

Soror Joe’l Bowling

Soror Catricia Thomas

Fall 2017 - 10/21/2017

Soror Candice Marshall 

Soror Tasha Gore 

Soror Karen Washington

Soror Valerie Cook

Soror Charita Roman 

Soror Katherine Allen

Spring 2019 - 6/2/2019

Soror Britney Winn
Soror TaLasha Moore
Soror Cherelle Barksdale
Soror Nora Tucker

Spring 2021 - 4/26/2021

Soror Airica Moore
Soror Degaryia Witten
Soror Alana Brown
Soror Nathalie Estiverne
Soror Taryn  Willis
Soror Jazmine Harrison
Soror Shameka Brown
Soror Alyshia Dyer
Soror Dorian Ballard
Soror JaVonda Palmer
Soror Crystal Campbell
Soror Latasha Morris

Spring 2023 - 3/23/2023

Tia Williams
Deija Collier